A downloadable game for Windows

  • Explore power and influence people
  • Play nice. Play mean. Experience the consequences
  • Play on the fiercest proving ground: primary school
  • What will you do different?


eli_V1-0-24.exe 59 MB


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"Why do girls fall for idiots?" I don't know for sure, but maybe because Finn is the only boy in the entire school??

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Fair point :-)

Jaa, it is not the biggest production. Just enough characters to tell the story...

I'm thinking of using Eli as an example game for a narrative-based game creation class I'm going to teach in a middle school. Is there any content in the game that would be inappropriate for a middle school audience?

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Hi LandonF,

Cool :-)

The script is cleaned up for swear-words (replaced with  ****). There are a few scenes that are meant to be for discussion, but if you have played the games with a few different paths I don't think there should be anything that would suddenly be very bad.

If you want to be 100 % sure you can browse through the script, it is not very long. By typing "esdump" (eli script dump) while in the game, it will output two files on your desktop: the script file, and a configuration file for Notepad++ to give colour highlighting (optional).

(Note that as long as you have the script file there, the game will use the one on your desktop, so you could change the story, but if you just rename or delete the file the game will revert back to using the script it was shipped with.)

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with :-)

Kind regards,


>The script is cleaned up for swear-words

Not completely. At one point Finn says "F.U.C.K."